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Pull them free

[13 Jul 2004|11:44pm]


Time for some new playing stuff to go on. This post is to put a break between the old and the new.


Pull them free

Explination and stuff [25 May 2002|11:30pm]


Okay, here is the deal... this community is private - this'll probably be our only 'public' entry (unless we begin to feel like sharing)... but we have no real want to share simply because this is just role-play between a few friends who are choosing to do it a different way than usual. If you wanna join... you'll have to ask - and even then, we may not let you. We're not being mean... it's a comfort issue. Plus, it keeps weirdo's from reading, and stuff. But, you can ask (by e-mail, or leaving something in my regular journal), and every member will consider.

Okay... love to all of ya'll out there. Woo... southern me!

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